kate-kendall3Current short bio:

Kate Kendall is a San Francisco-based, British-Australian entrepreneur and writer. She’s the founder and CEO of CloudPeeps – a talent marketplace that matches businesses with the world’s top freelance marketing, content and community professionals. She also created The Fetch – a curated guide to the best events and industry reads for professionals.

She started out as a business journalist and more recently, led growth and digital at magazine companies, handled outreach for new startups and helped businesses understand the role of community. Her work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Quartz, BuzzFeed, The Next Web, The Australian, the ABC, Marie Claire, Lifehacker and more. General Assembly named her blog in the top 10 startup founder blogs to read in 2014. Connect with her on Twitter via @katekendall.

Longer history bio: 

Kate Kendall is a San Francisco-based, British-Australian entrepreneur and writer. She’s the founder and CEO of CloudPeeps – a talent marketplace that matches businesses with world’s top freelance marketing, content and community professionals. Our mission is to allow every professional the freedom to work the way they want, from wherever they want.

Kate also founded The Fetch – a guide where professionals share and discover what’s happening in their city. Created in Melbourne in mid-2011, The Fetch is now in 10 cities around the globe and growing with applications to curate new regions received weekly.

Kate started out as a business journalist and editor. She was also digital director of a niche magazine publishing company looking after development, tech and growth. She’s held other roles in media, travel and startup companies, and regularly helps businesses understand the role of community (management, building, outreach and strategy) through her Skillshare and General Assembly classes. She also recently helped Stripe launch in Australia.

Familiar with the Asia Pacific, European and US markets, Kate has an inimitable, deep knowledge of city-level startup, creative and tech initiatives. She holds a Bachelor of Science from The University of Melbourne in biotechnology and microbiology, and Masters of Business (Marketing) at RMIT University with a thesis on social media strategy. She was recently ranked the most influential Australian entrepreneur on Twitter.

For more: see pressspeaking and LinkedIn.

Recent hat tips and mentions:

The Most Influential Australian Entrepreneur on Twitter, Smart Company
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Founder of The Year 2012, Startup Daily
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In 2012, Kate advised on digital and community development to Dumbo Feather – a well-regarded indie magazine featuring conversations with extraordinary people. She also consulted to social bookmarking site Delicious on product strategy and communications.

In 2011 she worked with Travellerspoint (online travel community) and The Conversation (news and analysis edutech startup).

In 2010 she worked with Y Combinator flight search startup Adioso as the marketing and communications director. Prior to this, she was the digital director at the magazine company Niche Media, which publishes titles such as MacworldMarketing and Desktop. Kate started at Niche Media in 2008 as the online editor and feature writer of Marketing, writing cover stories on global superbrands such as Google (including an interview with Marissa Mayer), L’Oréal and Microsoft.

Before this, Kate worked in a mixture of editorial, marketing and comms roles at Universal Magazines, ACP Magazines (as an intern) and Bed Bath N’ Table.


History as a community organiser

Being an event-organizing junkie in remission, Kate has volunteered a lot of time and soul into the communities she works and plays in. In 2009, she kicked off Social Media Melbourne aka #socialmelb – a weekly conversational breakfast gathering of people interested and working in the digital space. The group is renowned for facilitating discussion across industry and is a catalyst for collaboration, idea generation and knowledge transfer. In 2011, she co-organised the tech entrepreneurship Silicon Beach and travel industry Travel Massive Melbourne meetups, as well as leading the first Women 2.0 Founder Friday in Australia and one of the largest, early Instameets in the world. In 2014, she helped organize the Down Under New York Aussie Tech Meetup and the New York Email Marketing Meetup.

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13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kate,

    My name is Alexis Bartlett. I’m from ARK Group Sydney, and I’m currently doing some research for an Interactive Forum on legal issues within social media. I’d love to have a chat with you. If you could contact me, that would be great! My email is abartlett@arkgroupasia.com

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Alexis Bartlett

  2. Hey Kate you seems so creative and intelligent . I am owais coming to Melbourne very to startup something innovative and creative.

  3. Hi! I noted your interest in the TEDxSydney talks coming up later this year.

    We’ve been overseas getting villagers electricity in Africa, and I’m back home for 6-12 months to rustle up some more interest from local partners. Not sure if this goes anywhere, but hey, I love TED talks, so just thought I’d reach out to like-minded people. I’ve also connected to Hub Melbourne, and hope to help in some way to get the Sydney one up this year.

    Please have a quick squiz at our website – maybe there’s some further interest, or some people you know in Sydney or Melbourne would be interested in what we’re doing…most of our Australian investment has come from social investors in Melbourne….

    Mob: 0424 793 485

  4. Hi Stewart,

    Thanks for your message and for following me up from TEDxSydney. Your project sounds fascinating. Please do get in touch if you’re ever in Melbourne.

    Regarding setting up a Hub in Sydney – my friend Michelle Williams (@MiA_Will on Twitter) is actually already underway with plans. You should ping her and see if there are any areas for collaboration!



  5. Dear Kate I Used To Watching You On Stingers And I Also Saw You On A Guest Role On Rush Last Year Hope To See You In Future Roles On Television In The Years To Come

  6. – Great job creating goals and wrintig them down! I was just reading a blog post on the importance of wrintig them down (and sharing them, too yikes)! Way to go on your accomplishments and thanks for the inspiration to keep track of my own!March 1, 2012 7:58 PM

  7. Kate,
    I have followed your social media career for a while now (facebook, etc). I’m so impressed! I remember when we played soccer together (years ago now!) and you were wrapping up your science degree at Melb. Uni, and you were talking about starting something completely different! Very inspirational -Congratulations!

  8. Pingback: Maru Stephens
  9. It was the quote I read in an article about Faking it…….. “Remember: you can progress and tell it like it is.” that guided me to CloudPeeps. I guess what?……this is exactly the service and resource I need to develop my new business. Stoked!!! Amazing how truthful words can lead people to exactly what they are looking for without the spin.

  10. Kate,

    I have been following your blog for some time, and it has really helped me with a project of my own. I’m reaching out to you to let you know about an eyewear and clothing company, Balboa, that looks to feed hungry Americans with our environmentally friendly products.

    We would really appreciate it if you would check us out, share our project with a blog or a tweet, or even back us to get some cool apparel! I’d also be very interested in hearing your input on Balboa, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.


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