CloudPeeps 🙏

Launched in 2015, CloudPeeps is a talent marketplace that matches businesses with the world’s top freelance marketing, content and community professionals.


The journey started by in mid-2011 when I was working as a freelancer managing multiple social media accounts while traveling the world. I noticed that many businesses couldn’t afford agencies or full-time employees but still wanted to build their community and grow their business. Fast forward a couple years later when I was creating The Fetch, finding trustworthy, consistent, and experienced freelancers with good availability was also a challenge. This is why CloudPeeps now exists! Our platform matches our community of expert freelancers with businesses who value them so they can create meaningful work together.

Our product is crafted by a team of folks who are freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners themselves – we are Peeps and we are customers – literally!

We’re also champions of remote work and have distributed team members across California, New York, Berlin and other places. Learn more about about our team and culture here, or sign up as a customer or freelancer.

Check out our blog content or give us a follow on @cloudpeeps too.

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