Words and more ✍️

Over the coming months, I will upload some links here to my writing.

I’ve made a quick start with some of my features (>5,000 words) from my time at Marketing magazine. (They’re in PDF format so may take a while to load.)

Business writing

7 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Hi Kate,

    I remember back in my fresh graduate days in Perth, I use to go to Borders to pick up Marketing Mag before every agency interview. Your column was a window for me to have a glimpse of the exciting life of marketing.

    Now I find myself at working furiously at my desk, trying to finish up the next media schedule in Melbourne, and suddenly stumbled on your blog once again. Just want to say always enjoyed reading your posts, and keep up the tweets.



  2. Hi Kate

    You were the first person to appear when signing up for my new Business twitter account and as a result I thought I would repay your connection with a link to a man whose work is absolutely life changing.



  3. Hi Kate,

    Just wanted to say that I found your article on education very interesting. While I’m not in your fields, it was a most insightful article.

    Keep up the good work.

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