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Here are some links to my prior and upcoming speaking, panel and judging appearances. There’s a great quote by Benjamin Franklin saying: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”. This is my approach to speaking – I don’t count myself as a ‘speaker’, I just like sharing what I’ve come across in my work. So, if you would like to enquire about availability for your panel, conference, guest lecture, workshop and the like, get in touch via email or LinkedIn.











2 thoughts on “Speaking

  1. Hi Kate,
    Asking a digital media guru to send me an e-mail is probably a huge faux pas. If not, I accept carrier pigeon or scroll delivered on horseback.
    I understand that you are not in Melbourne much these days, but I can’t think of anyone more suitable in the networking space to ask for a bit of advice.
    Jodie (my girlfriend) and I have recently completed a cross the world cycle ride for charity. We’re now looking to arrange an evening called ‘Night of Adventure’ in the Melbourne CBD – our new home. The model worked very well in London, and if you would like me to introduce you to a few people there, I’d be very happy to do so. We’ve lived and worked there for 30 years so have a few contacts…
    Could you put me in touch with someone on the ground here in Melbourne covering you in your absense. I’m particularly interested in reaching out to people that have set themselves a challenge, physical, mental or emotional and can speak about this for ten minutes with the aid of computer presentation.
    So far I have reached out to Brigitte Muir – the first Australian lady to climb Everest and the founders of Dodgeball – Melbourne.
    Hope life is treating you well and we might hear from you in due course.

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