In October, the second Trampoline Day for 2009 was held. Trampoline is a grassroots unconference event that attracts a diverse range of people from across industry. People nominate certain topics to speak on during the gathering and the community then decide using the rule of two feet as to what sessions they would like to hear. I mediated a discussion on ‘The Future of Journalism’ – yes, the topic is very broad but it was deliberately so to allow a generalistic look at it, where many could get involved and share their ideas and thoughts. For a more specialised look at journalism and where it is heading, I recommend checking out some of the stuff that came out of Media 140, which was held in Sydney in November.

Merric Reese kindly filmed the half-hour slot in three videos. The first is included below with links to part two and three below that. There was lots to discuss in little time, and I’m sure we could have gone on for hours – nevertheless it was great to get some perspective from the attendees. Enjoy!

Part two:

Part three: