I find that as I focus more time on strengthening relationships with people, I say goodbye to some connections along the way as time and attention are consumables. So, would you rather touch more people less (breadth) or touch less people more (depth)? I’m currently trying to find the balance.

2 thoughts on “Dunbar’s number

  1. Definitely depth. I’ve recently unfriended nearly half of my friends on facebook and probably will unfriend more. Recently I’ve realised that facebook is meant to augment my life, not be it, and it’s only purpose for me is to keep in touch with people who I regularly meet face to face, and more importantly care about. My time is so valuable, I want to know people, not have ‘contacts’.

    Twitter is not important, I just use it for entertainment, no-one who means anything to me is on there. I find it good for tracking people who make positive interesting posts – purely motivational.

    I haven’t focussed on Linked In, but it is where I will keep work contacts (I deliberately have none on Facebook).

    So for me, it isn’t so much of finding a balance but working out why I am using each site in the first place.

  2. Thanks for the reply Pete.

    Love the part about knowing people and not having ‘contacts’. I think many forget this and are impatient with building long-term meaningful relationships.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year.

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