I’ve been reading a little on expectation management recently and came across the following analogy, which I thought I would share:

“Think of it like this, when you were a kid you would get presents for your birthday. You never knew what was in the colorful shiny boxes but you knew you were getting a present and you were happy. That is exactly how you should live life. Life is full of all kinds of presents; some we will love, some we might not and some we might altogether hate. Just be happy that you’re getting presents and live your life!”

Full piece here.

Enjoy your Easter – Kate is over and out.

One thought on “No expectations, no disappointments

  1. My brother-in-law once told me that if you had expectations of people that you were often setting yourself up to be disappointed.

    His advice was not to place expectations on people. That way you could never be let down.

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