June 2010

To seek authenticity in all that I encouter
To maintain a high level of integrity in all that I am responsible for
To question constantly and learn continuously
To respect others and empathise with their perpectives
To energise and excite the environment around me
To appreciate and focus on every moment I have
To share all that I have and all that I acquire
To stay curious and maintain a ‘can do’ mentality
To assist others by using my full capacity and knowledge
To challenge myself by overcoming fears and residing out of the zone of comfort
To be grateful for all that I have and spread this gratitude
To resist the social conditioning that decays my personal philosophy
To make wise decisions and judgments
To be conscious of my feelings and their impact on my perception
To be genuine, humble and open
To hope, dream and believe
And to love myself exactly as I am…

5 thoughts on “My manifesto for living

  1. I love that you have put these life ambitions and guidelines not only into words but as a manifest! I guess you could kind of say i did a similar thing on the weekend – got my tattoos: Korean symbols for courage, freedom and loyalty! Can’t wait to see you on Thursday xxx

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