One of my 2010 resolutions was to leave my pescatarian diet behind and become a strict vegetarian. I’ve stayed rather true to this, only having eaten meat and fish less than a handful of times in the past six months. There are many reasons why I chose to live this way, but rather than me preaching about the environmental, health and pro-animal benefits — I thought I would share this TED Talk by Graham Hill instead. Why does vegetarianism have to be a decision? Why not just a habit? What if it didn’t have to be an ‘either/or’ commitment? What if it could just be a weekday one… let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

4 thoughts on “Weekday vegetarian

  1. I’ve been pretty much doing the weekday vegetarian thing all year so far. It started because I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint. But sometimes it’s just easier to eat the food that’s on offer if there is no vegetarian alternative. Also sometimes it is just too hard to resist a wagyu beef burger ;)

  2. I guess for me it’s kinda like being a weekend serial killer… doesn’t really gel ;)

  3. Bahahahaha Donal I’m the same way. But eating veggie does have its benefits during the week. I tend to always be in a rush to get to work and don’t like to spend much money during lunch so ready-made meals like those from Kashi, Amy’s and Tastybite rule that hour. Lately I’ve been on an Indian food kick so I’ve been buying a lot of Tastybite…my coworkers really love me right now. They also have great grilling sauces which I used on my meats on the weekends (shhhhh hahahaha). Anyways, I think a good balance is what’s important.

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