After reading @arrington‘s tiresome, but true, tirade last night ‘Too Few Women In Tech? Stop Blaming The Men‘ on TechCrunch. And then @fredwilson‘s follow-up ‘Women In Tech and Women Entrepreneurs Discussion‘ post, I decided to do a little presentation. It’s a whimsical look at the benefits of a career in technology, particularly when it comes to startups and innovation. A bit of W2W recruitment if you like.

5 thoughts on “Women – get into tech

  1. I like your presentation. It’s very clever. Many of the pros seem applicable to men as well – or am I missing something?

  2. Kate

    I love this presentation, it’s fantastic! The lack of women in the IT industry has been an issue for a long long time. Just think the perception is that it’s dull and full of guys writing code :) But the reality is it’s an exciting industry, very fast moving and constantly changing. If you don’t work in the IT industry, technology can still be embraced and as you said it gives women (and men) so many choices in terms of how they can shape their careers, where they can work from and who they work with, on a global scale. Technology is a catalyst for change.

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