A couple of us here have decided to revitalise the Melbourne Silicon Beach chapter in 2011.

For those who aren’t familiar, Silicon Beach is a community of Australians passionate about the tech and web industries. They are often entrepreneurs – working on startups, and the events are attended by business people and developers alike.

We’re organising everything through Meetup.com here and this first #msbdrinks is this Friday.

If you’re in Sydney and haven’t been along yet – all information is here. The national Google Group is also worth a join.

Hope to see you there!

One thought on “Melbourne Silicon Beach Drinks

  1. Ahh vindication!I met with Norman Evans of Upstart inotabucr in 2006 to express my concerns at the viability of ‘The Street’ given that my rates money was tied up in the project I felt justified in attempting to get some further information on the project.Evans was quite simply the most arrogant, individual that I have ever dealt with.He literally told me that I was an idiot with no business acumen whatsoever and his smug answer to all my questions was that The Street’s “end game” was nothing less than “global domination” he seriously told me that he believed they would be bigger than google in 5 years!!!!!It is galling to see that Evans seems to have avoided any bad press relating to the inevitable collapse of this cyber-pig given that he was instrumental to it’s formation and stood to gain from an ‘upside-only’ incentive structure in his salary package if the pig flew.

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