We’ve started holding bimonthly dinner gatherings across different cities at The Fetch. This one was from last week’s session in Sydney with the topic around the Quantified Self movement (you can read a review from the Melbourne event here). It was such an interesting conversation and attendees ranged from the Big Four banks and telecommunications companies to agencies, entrepreneurs, writers, photographers and innovation leaders in the collaborative consumption space. We just announced another dinner in Melbourne around Content Strategy and Marketing and the tickets went in under an hour, which is an amazing reception! You all know I stray away from the word ‘networking’ – I especially find big drink-based mixers taxing on my time and energy. With these dinner conversations, it’s nice to get an intimate group of ~10 together and feel like you actually have had some sort of bond with them by the evening’s end without shouting what you do across a room. So, here’s to more rewarding meals, moments and discussions!

Jump on our list here to get notified of future events. We’re also frequently launching in new cities if you don’t see yours there yet!

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