“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.” ~Peter Drucker

No, I’m not about to get into a combative piece about whichever or whatever it is. However, I did want to put some thoughts out there on the approach.

With all the industry insights and knowledge shared today, it feels people are being led more and more by their inner scientist. You have stats, case studies, workshops, cheat sheets, advisors and more – it’s data galore. One can become paralysed from freely moving forward without analysing everything first. It reminds me of the good old perceived cultural differences between Google (data-led) and Apple (design-led). One tests which shade of blue to use, the other dictates.

Artists create and lead using their intuition. You can’t really mentor artists… forget telling them what to do. There’s a subtle warrior-like fire deep down guiding their way.

Great artists often want for nothing. The act of creating can be enough.

The trouble comes when artists get attached to the way people react or engage with their work. When you put a lot of heart into something, it’s easy to have an extremely personal attachment to the feedback.

But that’s okay. I believe we can be emotional and experimental with what we put out there.

Go wild. Tell people where to go. Speak up. Be silent. Blink to make decisions. Enjoy the process.