14 photos to make you feel alive

Sometimes I think the only reason I still have an iPad is to look at the photography in The Guardian’s Eyewitness app.

Every couple of nights I unwind by flicking through the stunning and timely collection of photos from around the globe. They’re often politically charged, raw and capture humanity from all corners beautifully. Take a few moments to scroll through these choice selections:

photoRelaxing in India by unknown

Riba awards. Giant’s Causeway visitor centre, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, designed by Heneghan PengGiant’s Causeway visitor centre in Northern Ireland by Marie-Louise Halpenny

Mount Kilimanjaro at nightMount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania by Trevor Booth

Hong Kong's skyscrapers from the ground floor, Hong Kong - 03 May 2013Hong Kong’s architectural sky race: a vertiginous view by Romain Jacquet-Lagreze

A  grasshopper on a grass stalk emerges from its old skinGrasshopper emerges from its old skin in Indonesia by Adhi Prayoga/Solent Newsy

Thousands of Buddhist monks chant during a lantern lighting to celebrate Makha Bucha dayBuddhist monks chant in Bangkok, Thailand by Rungroj Yongrit

Greg Tricker and his beechwood sculpture St Joan of Arc relected in the font at Salisbury cathedralSalisbury Cathedral, UK by Ben Birchall

Autumn colours surround the Tu Hwnt i'r Bont tearooms on the banks of the River ConwyAutumn colours in Llanwrst, Wales by Paul Kingston

A boy walks past a football post near the ancient city of KirtipurA boy and football goal near Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal by Navesh Chitrakar

photo (1)Conkers – ah, childhood nostalgia by unknown

photo (2)The Jet Star roller coaster that was washed out to sea after Sandy by unknown

Dragonfly perches on a dew-soaked leafA crystal-encrusted like dragonfly by David Chambon

High-line walker in CaliforniaNeedles of California, in Sequoia National Forest, CA by Jeremiah Watt/Barcroft India

Free Climber, Ribblehead Viaduct from Foto8's SummershowFreeclimbing at Ribblehead Viaduct, Yorkshire Dales by Chris Frazer Smith

My next post post (back to business!) about hustling for ambiverts will be out soon. Enjoy your weekend.

Related: Boston.com’s The Big Picture delivers equally stunning imagery.

P.S. Keen to hear your thoughts on the new blog theme. :)

A couple of pics from NYC

There was something surprising about my recent visit to NYC. It’s kind of freaked me out. It’s as if I was finding out Santa isn’t real for the second time. You see, like others, I’ve long held the city as the epicentre of greatness – both in sheer size but also in less tangible aspects like opportunities and people. It’s the most renowned hotbed of artists, entrepreneurs, creators, writers, designers, musicians and everyone in between, of the last century. People flocked here to experiment and to make something.

What I noticed this time around though… was that it felt cosy. Navigable. Consumable. Especially the tech startup community. On my first day at a conference I bumped into nearly everyone I needed to. Two weeks and three Thanksgiving dinners, countless meetings, long days and some sneaky sales shopping later, it feels like a home. I’m mourning the loss of my bright eyes – the ones that would scan every street horizontally and vertically in awe. The shy creature conscious of locking eyes in busy subways. The one delighted by differences as small as pedestrian lights.

Suddenly the world doesn’t feel so big.

Been getting back into Instagram. I’m @katekendall and you can view other pics here.

US trip by the stats

HQs visited: 11

Google (Mountain View “Googleplex“)
Microsoft (Mountain View and Redmond)
Survey Monkey

Events attended: 16

Geo-Loco Conference
SF Startup Weekend – Mobile
Women 2.0 Founder Friday
Hacks and Hackers – Facebook and the news: Making journalism social
VLAB & DFJ: How I Pivoted to Success Through Effective Iteration and Innovation
Cerebrate Silicon Valley
Girls Gotta Do Business: The Rising Force of Women Entrepreneurs
Women 2.0 Summer Lab Pitches
Mobile Monday New York
NYC Internet Marketing Meetup
Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp 2010
SF/SV Social Media Club tweetup with David Meerman Scott
140 Character Conf
Kate Kendell at Commonwealth Club
Hops & Chops Seattle
San Francisco Nightowls Meetup

Founders met: 17

Y Combinator
Open Culture
Social Media Club
Precision Polling
Women 2.0
Happy About
And everyone else who I knew already!

Fan-struck status upon meeting: 3

Marissa Mayer
Paul Graham
Robert Scoble

Coworking spaces checked out: 6

Citizen Space
Dogpatch Labs
True Ventures
pariSoma Innovation Loft

Photos taken: 441

Cities visited: 3

San Francisco
New York

High tea venues reviewed: 5

The Plaza
The Russian Tea Room
The Palace
Crown & Crumpet
Lovejoy’s Tea Room

Flights boarded: 9

Vintage dresses purchased: 9

Live sports watched: 2

Roller Derby

Universities visited: 3

UC Berkeley
California College of the Arts

Cinema visits: 2

Eat, Pray, Love (first movie by myself!)
Exit Through The Gift Shop – A Banksy Film

Apple Store visits: 6

San Francisco
Fifth Avenue, New York
Palo Alto (Steve’s local)

Mission burritos consumed: too many

Amazing new friendships: uncountable (but includes)

Tim and Trudy

A great two months well spent. :-)

Photoblogging foray

I recently transferred my photoblogging platform of choice from Facebook to flickr. It’s ironic because Facebook’s schizophrenic privacy changes have actually instilled the desire for me to be more open elsewhere, and share my images with the universe – not just my friends. Like many digital citizens, I think I have developed a sharing compulsion – I can’t stop. It’s rather liberating, not to mention a great way to connect with like-minded individuals. I would like to believe it is helpful too. For instance, I uploaded a relatively mundane picture of my feet in white plimsolls last month, and it is one of my most viewed items. Weird, but obviously interesting or useful to others!

Anyway, I have started a set called ‘Project iPhone photo’, which you can view here. The premise is “Many days, many places, many people, many photos…” i.e. It’s highly likely you’ll end up featured in it one day!

I’ve also started uploading photos from the @socialmelb meetup here.

So, what’s next? Well, videoblogging of course. ;-)