There was something surprising about my recent visit to NYC. It’s kind of freaked me out. It’s as if I was finding out Santa isn’t real for the second time. You see, like others, I’ve long held the city as the epicentre of greatness – both in sheer size but also in less tangible aspects like opportunities and people. It’s the most renowned hotbed of artists, entrepreneurs, creators, writers, designers, musicians and everyone in between, of the last century. People flocked here to experiment and to make something.

What I noticed this time around though… was that it felt cosy. Navigable. Consumable. Especially the tech startup community. On my first day at a conference I bumped into nearly everyone I needed to. Two weeks and three Thanksgiving dinners, countless meetings, long days and some sneaky sales shopping later, it feels like a home. I’m mourning the loss of my bright eyes – the ones that would scan every street horizontally and vertically in awe. The shy creature conscious of locking eyes in busy subways. The one delighted by differences as small as pedestrian lights.

Suddenly the world doesn’t feel so big.

Been getting back into Instagram. I’m @katekendall and you can view other pics here.

10 thoughts on “A couple of pics from NYC

  1. Hi Kate I’m just back from Stanford and other institutions in SF they believe NY is in decay and the centre of innovation is now SF Cheers Bob

  2. I know that feeling – Paris feels like home now but that implicitly means you take more things for granted than you do viewing something with fresh eyes. Both have their advantages :)

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