In late October, I spoke at Creative Mornings Melbourne. For those who aren’t familiar, Creative Mornings started out of New York by Tina Roth Eisenberg aka @swissmiss as a global breakfast lecture series for creative types. It’s sometimes billed as “TED for the rest of us”. The talk’s topic was left open so I kept it general, speaking about some lessons learnt from my journey to date – especially around applying lean startup methodology and the agile manifesto to my work and life. There’s also references to wins and challenges encountered with The Fetch as well as how to stop “energy vampires” from taking over your time and focus. Enjoy and would love your feedback! (I need to be less critical of myself on camera!)

The video is currently being edited to include the slide deck. So for now head over to SlideShare to check out the images that complement what I’m saying.

For those reading on a device where you can’t view embeds, the link is: