Hey fine people… on a bit on a blog post roll this week so for those who’ve not already checked out for the holiday season, there might be a few update notifications coming your way.

I recently learnt about a super-useful new service called Clarity founded by Dan Martell, where you can book time with global entrepreneurs, domain experts and generally those who can assist you in your next step but are hard-to-reach.

While I would love to give more if not all of my time to helping others achieve their dreams and goals, it’s hard to prioritise or give attention to it when there’s much to attend to with my ‘work work’. I used to be able to respond to queries directly but my inbox exploded, blanket LinkedIn requests kept coming, I blinked and missed @replies and I discovered a whole host of FB messages I didn’t realise I had. Therefore these ‘pick my brain’ call-outs and ‘coffee catchups’ have often resulted in an archive message or put in the rainy-day basket. BUT I’m excited I’ve now discovered Clarity as it seems like a great way to streamline these, and give my full attention to someone who’s thought about a specific need they have.

If you’re interested, head over to https://clarity.fm/katekendall to check it out. If you then want to book a time, send me some background before the call and I’ll prep up before we chat. I’ve listed the areas of content, community, marketing and connections as stuff I can help out with.

And, of course, I encourage you to sign up to be an advisor as well. I’m planning a few calls to get feedback and guidance on The Fetch myself.

There’s also the option to donate the proceeds of a call to a cause or charity – I’m considering this for female entrepreneurship related ones.

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