This is it. This is my foray. My re-entry into the blogosphere. I decided a while ago – September in fact – that I would leave the Blogspot blog behind and get my arse into gear by producing something to represent the multiple facets of my life. I’m still a long way off getting it all sorted (sorry, I do have to refuel and rest sometimes), hence the “patience is a virtue” tease in most of the category tabs so far.

I am getting there though and I’m taking the plunge and releasing prose that I’m not quite happy with. For instance, my ‘Who Is’ page is polarising me. I have loosely defined objectives surrounding the existence of this blog and because of this it can become difficult to tailor my communication to each purpose.

Part of the new setup involves delivering blog content under two banners – one lot will be categorised ‘Comment’ and the other ‘Journal’. ‘Comment’ will be where I focus on industry debate, current affairs, opinion, analysis and updates with a Kate twist, and ‘Journal’ will be a twist of Kate. This will be more personal and reflective on my life and its occurrences. I figure most of my community/audience revolves around Twitter and if people are keen enough to click through from there to a blog that I write, then they may as well be keen enough to hear a little self-drivel every now and again. And the beauty of it – you can choose by refining the category to display one or the other or both. As an example, this post will be classified as ‘Journal’.

On the note of being personal, in the last couple of months I have noticed a massive shift in relation to how people are using and representing themselves in online communities. Business is personal, and building relationships is business. It’s no longer about presenting (or editing) yourself in a certain light or with just 2D aspects. There doesn’t need to be much of an art to being human – you paint with your eyes closed and let it all out. The brilliance is that we have become completely transparent – from where we work, to our living situations to our passions… right down to where we are at any given time (thanks foursquare). The new online persona involves rounded individuals who are, well, real – people who have fears, foes and who get fatigued. We can bond over interests, but also over emotion and experiences. This pulls us tighter together than ever before.

So, I stand here before you, and beside you, and welcome you on the next journey – Kate 2.0 if you like.

6 thoughts on “Existence

  1. Love the new blog, Kate. I look forward to seeing where you take this as I like your direction of a mix of industry plus life!

    karalee :)

  2. Nice. Look forward to it. I’ll be reading. Been thinking of making the wordpress jump myself.

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