Okay, a little game for your weekend. It’s called ‘Guess the Twitter bio’. If you know which bio belongs to who, list your answer in the comment area below.

  1. “Live Your Best Life”
  2. “British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger”
  3. “I’m under the loft. I make videos and find some comfort in knowing at least i’m liked online”
  4. “The hottest Twitter news, Twitter tips and Twitter help. Plus, the best social media links around!”
  5. “Using stories to bring brands and consumers together”
  6. “I am a keen supporter of both whippets and Western Bulldogs. And yes, I do spend too much time on the net.”
  7. “I play tennis.”
  8. “Curious Journalist”
  9. “Recording/Sandwich Artist”
  10. “The Internet Newspaper”

Will reveal all when the signs of frustration appear. :-P

9 thoughts on “Guess the Twitter bio

  1. 1. Oprah Winfrey
    2. Stephen Fry
    3. Natalie
    4. Pete Cashmore (Mashable)
    5. Gavin Heaton
    6. Chas Licciardello
    7. Andy Roddick
    8. Gladwell
    9. John Mayer
    10. Huffington Post


  2. 1) Oprah
    2) StephenFry
    3) natalietran
    4) mashable
    5) servantofchaos
    6) ChasLicc
    7) andyroddick
    8) Gladwell
    9) johncmayer
    10) huffingtonpost

    Ok, I admit, those aren’t guesses. And why didn’t you mention me @begreenonline :P

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