Tea for me please

A few weeks ago I tweeted a link (http://bit.ly/9sNHJJ) to the ‘Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tea’. I also asked for some user recommendations on where to start as I currently don’t drink any kind of hot beverages. I got some great suggestions and have listed them below if anyone wants to try them too. (Perhaps I’m finally living up to my British roots by becoming a tea boffin? Although, you won’t see any English Breakfast here!) Anyway, I haven’t chipped away at the list much yet, but have been enjoying some chai and green here and there. One of the indirect health benefits of adopting a tea tongue, is that when I now meet someone for ‘coffee’ in the morning I don’t have to opt for a sugary fizzy drink or juice. Thank you to everyone who @replied me.

  • Peppermint – @jonstribling, @freyapurnell
  • Green – @katmancreations, @allidc, @david_neiger, @amoyal, @jetsettingjoyce, @alexavery
  • Green with jasmine – @katmancreations
  • Earl Grey – @freyapurnell, @jwrigley
  • Green with mint – @freyapurnell
  • Jasmine – @allidc
  • White tea – @rickclarke87
  • Green tea chai – @janstewart
  • Chamomile – @jwrigley, @paulzee
  • Ceylon – @echocolor
  • Red clover – @david_neiger
  • Dandelion – @david_neiger
  • Russian Caravan, Lady Grey, Price of Wales, Ceylon Orange, Pekoe Teas – @amcal
  • Ginger – @howdog
  • Chai – @howdog
  • Lemongrass – @howdog
  • Buddha’s Tears – @zenfeed, @howdog
  • Sencha – @scottlasak
  • Rooibos – @jasonstrachan
  • Ti Kuan Yin – @zenfeed
  • Dragonwell – @zenfeed

So, do you drink tea? Do you find it relaxing? Cleansing? Heart warming? :-)