I have a pre-announcement announcement to make. I am leaving my digital director job at Niche Media and my last day is… tomorrow. It is a conscious decision I made just over a month ago and the timing feels heartwarming and right. My affiliation with Niche started in July 2008 and over this time I’ve built up some absolutely amazing friendships that I’ll take with me for life. A very special mention to one of the greatest people in my world – Kylie, another to my long-term favs Matty, Sean, Liana, Jon and James. Then also to Martin, Jo, Brendan, Robbie, Bonnie, Matt, Alexa, Vicki, Aaron, Danielle and of course, my MD Paul for all the opportunities. There are many more people that I’ll miss – I could practically list the whole company. Most days I am choking with laughter at the jokes and wit in the office, and when we’re not working hard during the day (or evening), we’ve had lots of great Friday nights at our locals here in South Melbourne.

But, when one door closes, another opens. In my case, fortunately, many have opened. There are so many opportunities, choices and paths to pursue. It is a very exciting time – for everyone. But as time is precious, we need to choose where to put our focus. We need to work on things that matter to our very core. What mark do we want to leave? Where is our help most needed? I want to redesign my life with things (or lack of them) that I need and want in it. I want to challenge my being and grow to become the best person I can be.

I’m calling this a “pre-announcement announcement” and I’ve left it late to announce because I don’t have anything finite to share at this moment. I love sharing things with my network (as you’re all aware!) but in this case it’s been difficult to articulate one’s future existence in 140 characters!

A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted the following question: “Would you rather time or money?” Out of the 30 people or so who replied back, all said time (but with the complete understanding that money buys time). Right now, I am incredibly time poor and I have a 20,000-word marketing thesis to submit by late June. Therefore, my next step is to focus on getting this task done. I also want to spend some time on what I’ll call the four Rs – reading, running, researching and reflecting. This will be a welcome micro-break as I’ve worked constantly since I was 15 years old. I fear that I might not get this chance again so want to enjoy it while I can – although, my iCal calendar is already looking a little psychedelic and I’ve got some event and speaking commitments in Sydney in the next couple of weeks.

I’m very lucky to have such a caring, experienced and extensive support network and community around me and have had the luxury of chatting to smart individuals face-to-face over the past weeks. One person suggested that I call this time my ‘entrepreneurial sabbatical’. I like how the description resonates nicely around words like time, change, projects, dreams, inspiration, research and discovery. Experimentation. A journey. It doesn’t work so well when you look at the literal meaning as a rest or hiatus, as I’ve currently found a fitting momentum that satisfies the amount of energy that I have to give.

Anyway, the actual announcement will therefore come post-June. It will revolve around a mashup of consulting (yes, including social media), writing, speaking, travel and alignment with companies that share my philosophy.

But for now, I would love to hear from you. Proposition me. Share your ideas or vision with me. For those people I said “no” to when I was working full time, get in touch again. Let’s see how we can work together.

Best contact methods are via email on: kendall.kate [at] gmail.com or as usual on Twitter – @KateKendall.

Thank you for listening – I continually appreciate it.


P.S. Official website(s), branding, identity, coming soon… ;-)

18 thoughts on “New adventures

  1. “They” say that Portfolio Careers are the new measure of having “made it”. Instead of having one full-time career over more than a decade, one has a 3/4 time career doing what they’re best at making money from, an ocassional consulting position in their field of expertise, a some time indulgence in a guilty passion/career pleasure money-spinner and some kind of charity/volunteer work. Considering the cross-over of social media as business marketing tools, this makes a lot of sense. It’s also a brilliant way to blend family into our lives without the standard sacrificial compromise…
    Enjoy whatever your current turning point brings you…

  2. Kate, Sounds fantastic. You are such a courageous woman and so inspirational well done and see you soon!

    kt :)

  3. Kate, sounds like you are loving each and every bit of it… YAY for your life being the one that you really choose! May your imagination show you things about what you can choose that blow your mind and feed your soul!


  4. I like your positive attitude. I could have made something with the time I had while I was out of work for a couple of months last year but instead I was continually stressed and wasted it instead of stepping back, taking a deep breath and possibly making something of it.

    Six weeks till my current contract is up and I haven’t had an extension confirmed so I’m facing possibly another period of unemployment but I’m toying with the idea again of going into independent consulting. Problem is I need time to think about it and I don’t have the time to think while I’m working, and if I run out of work I’ll be too stressed to think! Argh!

    Anyway, best of luck – keep us updated!

  5. @Nathanael,

    Yeah, I think my mentality would be completely different if I hadn’t had the choice. In my instance, I am in the driver of my experience so the prospect of a period of time is a blessing, not a burden. I’m not sure how I would handle unemployment however as I often define myself by what I do (I’m trying not to). It would be tough.

    I think it’s difficult for people who work the 9-5 to understand what lifestyle design is all about. It’s a new way of looking at the world – without fear of what could be. The easiest way to start though, is by reading books like (if haven’t already) the ‘4-Hour Workweek’ by T. Ferriss.

    I also fill my head with #lifehacks and #zenhabits which continually preach about making the most of now and focusing on each moment.

    But I could be mistaken with this all – perhaps one is just meant to read and dream about implementation, and not actually take the drastic steps towards action! :-P

  6. Nathanael Boehm – I hear you! I was made redundant from a job with no warning there were cut backs even being made in April last year. So I was totally left in the lurch for 6 months.

    And there is nothing more stressful than fighting to not bleed money while facing the prospect of not having a steady income on top of feeling rejected and ignored by employers as you fight the tough job market.

    But fortunately my life since Oct last year has done a total 360 and become much like Schnika discussed.

    I am working 3 days a week in a casual job in a related stream to what I enjoy. This gave me a steady income while also being around people I have been able to learn off of and use as a sounding board (they specialise in business coaching so has been great getting free advice).

    Then come Jan this year I started my own consultancy business doing exactly what I love.

    It’s about finding a way to work it for you.

    Changing my concept of “work” from 9-5 to doing what I love (with a lil 9-5 thrown in the help keep the money hounds away while I build myself up) has been a life saver.

    You do still get the “what do you do for a job” question at the pub and people think a 26 year old not holding a full time 9-5 is a little crazy. But instead I tell them “my job is doing what I love” – and frankly, I beat most of the corporate hounds saying that.

    Goodluck Nathanael and Kate.

  7. Kate, it is an example of the frenetic space that we all lead that we haven’t even had the conversation yet were at the same event this morning.

    I applaud you on what you are doing and if i can do anything to assist you then please feel free to contact me, perhaps when you are back from your sydney trips we could catchup and have a conversation over a meal.

    all the best


  8. Kate,

    It’s certainly an exciting time for you.

    Let the grass grow under your feet for a little while. Look around you and cast aside what you don’t need and find more of what you do need.

    No doubt you have plenty of options but don’t feel you have to grab them all at once.

    I’m sure you’ll make some amazing things happen.


  9. Congratulations, Kate. I can’t wait to see what new adventures await you.
    Having worked also since 15 and this year have an unexpected “career-break” thrust upon me as a result of injury and illness – the silver lining has been the opportunity to stand back from the 9 to 5 and really look at what it is I want and re-define my relationship with work and career.
    Whatever you take on next I know it will be a success and I am sure this break will prove insightful and a great learning experience :)

    All the best.

  10. So, Chapter 1 of ‘What Katie Did Next’ starts now… very excited for you my love. You’ll be wonderful and successful at all you take on because of your personal brand and culture of your work. Just don’t forget to have a ball along the way and keep in touch with us. xxx

  11. Kate you are an inspiration and I am proud to call you a friend.

    We discussed the contents of your post over lunch, so you know I am there for you should the need arise.

    However the “tongue in cheek” me can’t believe that your blog post is longer than my Marketing mag column. So your 20,000 words should be a lot easier for you than you imagine. ;-)

    Best…Stan x

  12. Thanks everyone. :-)

    P.S. Had a few verbal comments on the picture – yes, I drew it. I draw all the pics on my blog. You should try it!

  13. Bloody brilliant Kate – good luck! I have my own imminent career change in the wings…just need the guts to cut those corporate strings!!

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