During a morning flight on the commuter route (MEL<->SYD), I started thinking about past experiences and the art of experimentation. I’m a strong believer in trying stuff out – you never really know how you feel about something or where it will lead until you get a taste for it. I like to think I’ve tried a few things out so far – and I’m pleased I did because I wouldn’t have the direction, focus and determination I do now if I didn’t. I’ve listed some of these things below and the purpose of this isn’t to demonstrate a psychedelic CV. It is an example of celebrating diversity in work and play – to celebrate and have no fear of experimentation.

After all: “There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.” ~Richard Buckminster

  • I’ve sucked saliva out of people’s mouths in a dental surgery
  • I’ve styled models for bridal photo shoots
  • I’ve fed and analysed Zebrafish in a cancer research institute’s aquarium
  • I’ve served babychinos (with an accidental dose of caffeine!) to Sunday strollers in a bakery
  • I’ve set up new homeware retail stores here and in New Zealand
  • I’ve stacked shelves, photocopied reports and arranged appointments
  • I’ve walked the halls of the Sydney glossy magazine world
  • I’ve gone for Friday-afternoon beers with my development team and chatted about code
  • I’ve interviewed international business leaders for magazine cover stories
  • I’ve fed tennis balls to students as a tennis coach’s assistant
  • I’ve learnt about and burnt fabrics (to test the properties) while studying fashion business
  • I’ve helped round up Angus cattle on a farm
  • And so on…

So, what about you? What weird and wonderful things have you tried? How did they shape where you are now?

4 thoughts on “Trying stuff out

  1. I love your list Kate. I’ve never thought of myself as having a diverse background of skills and it is something that I am now trying to rectify by pursuing activities that have always been on the wish list. However, on reflection, I have had some interesting experiences up until this point:

    I’ve interviewed over 700 people for new jobs
    I’ve packed books in a distribution centre
    I’ve told people that they’re loosing their jobs
    I once organised a team building drumming session for an organisation including the “Big Wig” – only to find out afterwards that the Big Wig was recovering from hand surgery (on both hands!)
    I’ve sold cosmetics
    I’ve organised morning tea for the Prime Minister
    I’ve learnt how to make cheese
    I’ve been a workplace trainer
    I’ve convinced about 20 people to move from Sydney to Canberra

    Thanks for writing this post, it’s certainly been nice to reflect on my past and how it is shaping my future direction. In considering where I would like to head I can see emerging themes with people, education, ideas and food all of which were developed to some extent during these past experiences.

  2. – I’ve been skydiving (just for fun-zies)
    – I’ve been a telemarketer (probably one of the most important contributors of my personal growth in the professional setting)

  3. – walked alone along a deserted stretch of coast at sunrise
    – stopped to listen to magpies while others walked by
    – played a mean guitar
    – rolled down a sand dune
    – caught (and released) a thorny lizard
    – walked a forest path in the dead of night with a dog and 3 cats
    – danced in the rain
    – experienced an anomaly I can’t explain
    – composed a love song for no one in particular
    – wandered beneath a star filled sky and wondered why

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