I’m heading to San Francisco and the Bay Area on the 19th of July for about month. I’m also heading to NYC for a week or so. It’ll be my first time to SF, so, aside from going to a few conferences, coffee meetups and working remotely on projects – I’ll be playing the the part of the tourist. Therefore, I’d love and really appreciate any of your recommendations in the comment section below, on Twitter or via email. Even better – come and have a quiet drink the Sunday before I leave and tell me in person!

Sunday 18th July
From 3pm
Golden Gate Hotel
238 Clarendon Street
South Melbourne
Map here

Photo credit: PatrickSmithPhotography

8 thoughts on “Drinks at the Golden Gate

  1. Wow, there is so much to do in San Francisco! I totally recommend hiring a bike, crossing the Golden Gate and going right around the bay and catching a ferry back from Tiburon.

    I wish I’d managed to see Roller Derby at Fort Mason http://www.bayareaderbygirls.com/

    Alex and I hired a car and drove down to Monterrey along the coast – very worthwhile.

    As for people, I’ll drop some suggestions.

  2. its my fave american city, youll love it
    yeah ditto tim’s suggestions on the bike ride across the bridge and ferry back., its brilliant.
    alcatraz of course
    the embarcadero is great
    golden gate park and haight ashbury is fun, great bars and nitelife
    dead easy to nget around on public transport and quite safe
    far too much shopping and arts
    the windy road from Bullet movie
    the levis factory
    ah youll be fine! actually can i come!

  3. Can’t wait to catch up. Will definitely be there for drinks on Sunday to wish you a safe and fun journey :)
    You know I used to life near there and went to San Fran a lot yeah? Let me know if you’d like any tips or something. hehe

    @Day xoxo

  4. The last time I went to San Francisco, I was two. My parents reported that I liked it muchly. I do not know what this means. Say hi to Uncle Jessie and the Olsen twins for me – we’ll miss you beautiful but look forward to keep tracking your adventures….! Xx Cheryl

  5. Hi Kate
    Just picked up on this via Kate Carruthers on Twitter – do you know Catherine White? Sydney-based but living in NYC right now -she would be a great person to connect to if you haven’t already. I believe Annalie Killian (@maverickwoman) was recently in NYC too so may be of assistance.

    David Hood (currently in Melbourne – @davidahood ) was recently in San Fran so would have some interesting observations for you too.

    I will tweet the details to you.


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