San Francisco sentiment

Breaking up the regular programming with a photo journey from my recent weeks in SF. A lot of it has been head down with work but I did get to go on some city hikes and a weekend trip to Lake Tahoe. You seemed to enjoy the NYC one so here goes!








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Nerd Hollywood


Why Silicon Valley (and the San Francisco Bay Area) is just like Hollywood:

  • Aspiring talent travels from all over the world to try and make it here
  • There are a lot of dud actors/entrepreneurs who end up working second jobs to pay the bills
  • Women get judged more by their appearance than their abilities
  • You get typecast to certain roles (e.g. hacker, hustler, hipster)
  • Making a genre transition is hard (e.g. action to drama, consumer to enterprise web)
  • Everybody knows everybody
  • Some people are just known for being known (rather than what they do or make!)
  • Directors aka VCs/angels pull the purse strings
  • The power typically lies with middle-aged, straight, white men
  • You go to casting sessions (pitches) in hope of your big break
  • Only a handful of people truly succeed…

I’ll always heart SF

Last post of the day sorry!

This time, some time-lapse footage titled the “Empty America” series that begins in San Francisco. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Fisherman’s Wharf to Lombard Street to Ghirardelli Square to the Bay Bridge – this is a look at some of San Francisco’s most iconic landmarks wiped empty of tourists and traffic. So beautiful.

Nice work Thrash Labs.

Mixed bag

I’ve been meaning to write a few updates and announcements over the past few weeks but things have been a bit hectic. So, for the sake of getting it done – I’m doing a mixed bag post now.

The Fetch London

First up, The Fetch officially launched in London. That’s right – we’re now covering what’s on in the digital, business and creative communities in the UK, and oh my, there is so much! It’s been fun ‘armchair eventing’ and perusing all the amazing things to do, especially with unique offerings like de Botton’s The School of Life. I’m pleased to be working with fellow pom/Oz-heritage mashup Chloe Nicholls on this. Check it out if you’re a resident or in town visiting –>

Dumbo Feather

Secondly, I’ve started collaborating and working with Dumbo Feather magazine. The name leaves everything to the imagination, but in a nutshell it’s a publication and community around extraordinary ideas and the extraordinary people behind them. Originally started by Kate Bezar, Dumbo has now been ‘passed on’ to the great team at Small Giants – a company founded in 2007 that focuses on and supports social enterprises. The beautiful thing about the magazine’s content is that it’s largely long-form interviews, something I find incredibly refreshing online. To get a taste, delve into some recent interviews with Chris Anderson (curator of TED) and Brené Brown (a grounded academic and vulnerability thought-leader). I’m sinking my teeth into their digital offering and online community, and will be experimenting with everything from Kindle Singles (check out Alain de Botton’s here) to video stories and Instagram campaigns. Follow along at @dumbofeather and /dumbofeather.

Here’s a pic of the latest mag’s cover:

Tripping 2012

I’m off again to San Francisco next week and London in April. Part of the San Francisco trip will be to immerse myself in the Valley’s culture and get some feedback from investors and industry peers about The Fetch. I’m currently refining the core offering but really need to have these conversations to take it to the next level. Part of the trip is to also get to some rather cool conferences:

If you happen to be at any of the above or would like me to cover any specific elements –  say hi or ping me on Twitter/email and I’ll do my best with updates. Content will be published here and on Dumbo Feather.

Startup World

The inspiring Hermione Way of Newspepper and The Next Web has initiated a global startup competition called Startup World. Much like competing on American Idol, the competition will be held in 36 cities world-wide, with the regional winners flying to Silicon Valley to battle it out in front of a panel of judges to be crowned the world’s best startup. I’m an advisor along with some other peeps, so check it out and shoot any questions through. There’ll be more updates re: Australian dates soon.

“Whilst there’s certainly advantages to building startups in Silicon Valley due to the sheer amount of entrepreneurs, venture capital and access to talent, startups and entrepreneurship is a global story.”


Not really much to report here but I’m totally three years to late to Tumblr and absolutely loving it. I’m unsurprisingly


I’m running another Melbourne Community Management Workshop this week but have decided to head to Sydney in mid-April. If you want to hear what social media is really about (i.e. the people not the tools) and what brands are doing it well, come along! –>


And before I bore you to tears, there’s been a few media features I haven’t mentioned here yet. For completeness on this mixed-bag update, here they are:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and keep on fighting the good fight!


US trip by the stats

HQs visited: 11

Google (Mountain View “Googleplex“)
Microsoft (Mountain View and Redmond)
Survey Monkey

Events attended: 16

Geo-Loco Conference
SF Startup Weekend – Mobile
Women 2.0 Founder Friday
Hacks and Hackers – Facebook and the news: Making journalism social
VLAB & DFJ: How I Pivoted to Success Through Effective Iteration and Innovation
Cerebrate Silicon Valley
Girls Gotta Do Business: The Rising Force of Women Entrepreneurs
Women 2.0 Summer Lab Pitches
Mobile Monday New York
NYC Internet Marketing Meetup
Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp 2010
SF/SV Social Media Club tweetup with David Meerman Scott
140 Character Conf
Kate Kendell at Commonwealth Club
Hops & Chops Seattle
San Francisco Nightowls Meetup

Founders met: 17
Y Combinator
Open Culture
Social Media Club
Precision Polling
Women 2.0
Happy About
And everyone else who I knew already!

Fan-struck status upon meeting: 3

Marissa Mayer
Paul Graham
Robert Scoble

Coworking spaces checked out: 6

Citizen Space
Dogpatch Labs
True Ventures
pariSoma Innovation Loft

Photos taken: 441

Cities visited: 3

San Francisco
New York

High tea venues reviewed: 5

The Plaza
The Russian Tea Room
The Palace
Crown & Crumpet
Lovejoy’s Tea Room

Flights boarded: 9

Vintage dresses purchased: 9

Live sports watched: 2

Roller Derby

Universities visited: 3

UC Berkeley
California College of the Arts

Cinema visits: 2

Eat, Pray, Love (first movie by myself!)
Exit Through The Gift Shop – A Banksy Film

Apple Store visits: 6

San Francisco
Fifth Avenue, New York
Palo Alto (Steve’s local)

Mission burritos consumed: too many

Amazing new friendships: uncountable (but includes)

Tim and Trudy

A great two months well spent. :-)