Why Silicon Valley (and the San Francisco Bay Area) is just like Hollywood:

  • Aspiring talent travels from all over the world to try and make it here
  • There are a lot of dud actors/entrepreneurs who end up working second jobs to pay the bills
  • Women get judged more by their appearance than their abilities
  • You get typecast to certain roles (e.g. hacker, hustler, hipster)
  • Making a genre transition is hard (e.g. action to drama, consumer to enterprise web)
  • Everybody knows everybody
  • Some people are just known for being known (rather than what they do or make!)
  • Directors aka VCs/angels pull the purse strings
  • The power typically lies with middle-aged, straight, white men
  • You go to casting sessions (pitches) in hope of your big break
  • Only a handful of people truly succeed…