I’ve had a few conversations lately where I keep coming back to the notion of the ‘jigsaw puzzle’.

You see, a lot of people think happiness is related to the big picture when it comes to work and their career. They concentrate on job titles, responsibility, pay-checks, external perceptions of success, resources, teams and cool perks but dedicate little awareness to the possibility of flow.

After launching, building and becoming hyper-focused on The Fetch, I feel like what I have in front of me is really just a puzzle. Something to put my mind to – slotting in one piece at a time. When you’re doing a startup, despite how much you’d like to believe you do, you have no idea of what the end picture will look like. You just see each action, each step, creating the total picture. You’re continually testing and making sure each piece fits, and after a while you are so enthralled in watching something grow and come together – you couldn’t care less about the rest.

When you’re feeling a bit lost in your direction, get back to a puzzle. It doesn’t have to be the puzzle of your life – rather, anything to build your confidence with small wins. Hit the right level of immersion in your day-to-day. Address opportunities by how much you can help and have an impact – if you can make a change.

Remember: “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it”.