I thought I would do a quick update about what’s been happening in the world of Kate. I’ve got a few posts saved in draft but want to give them more attention before publishing, and it’s been difficult  at the moment to find that attention time.

So, I’m currently in the Golden Bay region on the South Island of New Zealand with the team at Adioso. We’re here on a 10-day productivity sprint. Think beautiful weather, amazing valley views, hearty home cooked meals, pristine air, flowing creative energy and… cider in plastic bottles. Yes, they have beer in them too!

Before coming to NZ, I was in Sydney for the weekend. In fact, I’ve nearly been up to Sydney every week for the past month. When I get back to Melbourne, I’ll be there for two weeks before heading away to Fiji with a group of friends for 10 days around Christmas. Confused? My iCal is too.

By the end of 2010, I will have spent a third of it travelling and working remotely, both domestically and internationally. I want 2011 to pretty much look the same. In rough chronological order, the plan is to get to Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand), the US again (LA, SF and Austin), India and UK/Europe for the majority of the Northern Hemisphere’s summer. I’m at a stage in life where I have the opportunity to do as much ‘digital nomading’ as possible and naturally, I want to take it.

Anyway, what posts have I got in the works for the oft-neglected blog? Here’s the list below:

  • Escaping the digital ratrace, which encompasses thoughts on my one-week silent Twitter retreat,
  • The beauty and simplicity of food featuring my balanced and courageous housemate Tresna Lee,
  • Experiencing a year’s worth of writer’s block and what that means for creative expression,
  • A list of female founders and influencers of the Australian tech scene (I’ll then do media), and
  • Closing thoughts on 2010 – areas of change, growth and evolution.

Take care and hope we meet again soon,


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