I have a wee tale to tell.

I had a Singapore dollar. It was in my purse. I can’t recall how it got there [although I have visited Singapore many times]. I can’t recall when it got there. All I can recall is it was there. Until this evening in fact, when I finally donated it to a charity coin bin at Sydney airport. This dollar had followed me around the world. Every time I would go to pay for something, I would fish around my coin pocket getting frustrated at the lone Singapore dollar for its presence. At its ability to camouflage itself. At its ability to mascarade as other currencies. The point is – it took me a long time to become conscious of the dollar’s existence to then do something about it. I just accepted it was there. And the solution was so simple: all I had to do was remove it.

I think this coin is representative of many problems in life and business. They just need a split second of your attention and the answer will be there. We are often so caught up with complexity, we lose our awareness to address the small things.

So, what dollar can you remove right now?