Well, yesterday, considering it’s after midnight…

You’ll be pleased to know I finally launched The Fetch. The concept has been in slow ideation for just over six months – so, it felt good to hit send! I created The Fetch because I was finding it hard to keep up with all the happenings in Melbourne – especially in the meetup and event scene. There isn’t any central aggregation point for this information, and often it’s due to the agenda or affiliations of certain organisations – they have their biases and can’t be all things to all people. When an individual becomes the collaborative point, with a trust network already in place, it’s easier to share things among a community.

I also found I no longer cared for myopic industry silos; opening up conversation between different areas has such a positive impact on knowledge sharing and learning. The Fetch is interesting for anyone who can understand the world from a generalist perspective – someone who wants to be a well-rounded individual in work and life. Don’t get me wrong – specialist content offerings have, and will continue to have, their place in the business lanscape. It’s just that things have changed – we have changed. For instance, we aren’t 2D marketers, developers or lawyers anymore – we’re real people with diverse passions and interests. We’re not maths verse English – we’re art and science.

In each fetch (starting in Melbourne), you’ll find a definitive guide to the events for the fortnight ahead. There’ll also be news, jobs, people, places, spaces and more. I need to make some changes for the next curation but the following gives you a visual. Up next will be the website complete with calendar, listings and interviews. From there, we’ll say goodbye BETA mode.

I was grateful for the nice response online and feedback via email and in person. If one or two people loved and found it useful, I would have been pleased. And they did! I have included a selection of the tweets below – I especially like the last one, being a time optimisation fanatic myself. :)

7 thoughts on “Today I launched

  1. Congrats Kate.

    The layout looks great. I am very proud to say I’m included in the first edition too :) I look forward to watching it grow and grow and grow.

  2. Congratulations Kate! What a great idea. I’m forever losing track of all of the social and business gatherings in Melbourne and always so many interesting articles to read! Thanks for putting everything in one place. Really looking forward to reading more on the website.

  3. Great design and newsletter! I have a few newsletters I am subscribed to but this one takes the cake – so well laid out, so simple and colour coded (oh how I love colour coded items). Great work :)

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