Continuing on from my previous post regarding women in startups and advocacy, another step in the evolution is advice and aid. I’m forever keen on sharing my learnings with others, so was happy to help when asked to be a mentor for a new Aussie initiative called PushStart. PushStart is a new set of community-focused, mentor-driven, activities to help grow Australian tech startups, and the tech startup community.

Combining Aussie tech startup people, seed funding and community events, PushStart plans to give local tech entrepreneurs help to start, grow and succeed.

Although appearing to be Sydney-centric, this is not the intention of PushStart. So, if you’re in other parts of the country and would like to be involved, register your interest here.

I’m going to taking questions from mentees on marketing, business strategy, product definition and community management. More info on my profile here.

2 thoughts on “PushStart mentorship

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