For those not on Instagram, I’ve been cross-sharing photos of my travels on Flickr here.

I  will also try to post a wrap-up of my findings from each city visited soon. The idea is to produce a Startup City Index measuring different parameters from each city such as affordability, community, access to funding and more-subjective things such as vibe and energy. There’s especially much to report about Berlin – it’s blowing my mind how amazing the stuff going on here is. For now, our leave you with these pics – can you guess a couple of the sights?

3 thoughts on “Photos from a Grand Tour

  1. Kate, in light of your last post, I thought I’d chime in and say that watching your grand journey through Instagram has been a highlight of my year. Thank you so much for sharing – it’s been amazing to see the places you’ve been, which were often the same places I’d been a few weeks before. Seeing them through your eyes added another unique and shimmering layer of delicious complexity to my memories. I can’t thank you enough.

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