I was walking through Montgomery BART station in San Francisco last week when déjà vu came upon me.  The creamy hexagonal wall tiles (which coincidentally can be admired in Greenday’s When I Come Around video) triggered a long-forgotten one-time avatar from 2010. It was during that summer I’d quit my full-time job in the magazine world to follow my digital dreams and check out the Bay Area. It was first of many comfort-zone-breaking steps I’ve taken over the past couple of years and I’ve never looked back on choosing this path.

I took a moment to quickly snap a portrait in the present day – especially since further serendipity prevailed and I was wearing the same hippy-esque scarf. I used a photo-stitching app to tee up the two pics and there you have it… the same spot, two years later. On the one hand it could almost appear I’m (metaphorically) in the same place. However, if there’s anything I’ve learnt since then – it’s the art of self, balance and resilience. My experiences have taken me through many challenges with amazing life-changing highs and tiring lows, and I reflect on and celebrate this as having lived.

So, here’s to trying, doing and learning – and further growth for us all throughout the years.


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  1. Hi Kate, your comments in this post really hit home with me. Exploring outside our comfort zones is a challenge (for me at least) but the rewards are in the highs, lows and everything in between. Keep up the great work!

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