A quick, curated list of things I’ve come across this month that are making waves in digital and startup hubs around the world… click the screenshots for the links through.

1) Made in NY Digital Map

Launching this week, Rachel Sterne and the City of New York team have delivered another leading city-level tech initiative with the NYT Digital Map showing which companies are hiring.

More @ http://www.mappedinny.com

Could this be where the next iteration of Made in Oz goes? Once Australian startups get access to more funding and can actually hire… ;)

2) Startup Abroad

A two-week #GTD coworking retreat in Bali? Sign me up!

More @ http://www.startupabroad.org

3) Hackatrain

Call me a train spotter but there’s something about the trains in Chicago (perhaps Source Code did it to me?!) that resonates. Combine this with a hackfest and you’ve got me! We’ve seen this kind of thing happen before with Startup Bus so will be interested to see where this goes next month…

More @ http://hackatrain.com

4) Startup Caravan

Follow on with number three’s style but in a caravan? Ha, no this event is more of a ‘static’ endeavour where Parisians head to London to check out the local startup scene.

More @ http://startupcaravan.eu

5) The Kernel Tech Blog

I tend to consume a lot of startup and tech media but should give it all up for the pimping analysis and investigative commentary currently offered at London-based The Kernel. I was introduced to the masthead when I was back in London at Easter and have been following closely ever since. The writers aren’t afraid to take on the big wigs in Silicon Valley either – with a particularly insightful post about Pando Daily last month. Check it out!

More @ http://www.kernelmag.com (Other great examples are Silicon Allee @ http://siliconallee.com and Tech in Asia @ http://www.techinasia.com)

6) Silicon Milkroundabout

More cool stuff from the UK, this time with Silicon Milkroundabout (some of London’s tech community call themselves Silicon Roundabout)… Milk’bout is a job fair aimed at recruiting peeps for UK startups. We’ve got a bit of education to do about what’s involved with startup life and it’s great to see initiative like YC’s Work at a Startup 2012 and this leading the conversation.

More @ http://siliconmilkroundabout.com (Also check out http://workinstartups.com and Germany’s http://jobslike.me)

7) ηReduce (formerly ηCombinator)

The open-source antidote to Y Combinator – ’nuff said.

More @ http://nreduce.com

8) Startup House and Startup HQ

More coliving/coworking spaces to share… this time in SoMa, San Francisco with Startup House and StartupHQ. Despite the similar names – these are two different entities, which were both kicked off by Australian and New Zealanders. StartupHouse is like a hostel for founders and offers budget accommodation in the heart of the tech scene – consider being based here if you’re in town for a short trip. StartupHQ is my first official full-time coworking space and I have to say, it’s been rather incredible so far. The space is massive, recently renovated with no scrimping spared in the fit-out and the calibre of residents is also pretty special (with plenty of repeat entrepreneurs and the latest from the rounds of YC and 500 Startups). Check out a video tour here or hit me up for tea one day if you’re in town and want to visit in person.

More @ http://startuphouse.com and http://www.startuphq.com

9) Tech Open Air Berlin

This will be the very first open air festival to unite the European tech community. It’s certainly ambitious and I’m keen to see how it’s comes off!

More @ http://toaberlin.com

10) The Fetch

I know, I know, you could say I’m incredibly biased and being cheeky with this one. ;) It’s just we’ve been expanding pretty rapidly over the past couple of months and have just started bringing you the best of the digital, creative and business communities in Berlin (HT to Lisa) and Perth (HT to Justin) with San Francisco on its way next week.

More @ http://thefetch.com

Seen anything else worth checking out and sharing? Feel free to drop me a line… kate@thefetch.com.

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