So next month, I’m heading to Startup Abroad for two weeks of ‘destination coworking’ outside Ubud, Bali alongside 10 other entrepreneurs. Yes, I know… what a tough decision it’s been. ;) I’m actually viewing it as a time and space where I can do a bit of a ‘sprint‘ with my work and health. Get some fresh scenery from my fresh scenery. OK, I’ll stop making meta location independent jokes… It’s also going to be a very good research opportunity for The Fetch considering we need to be at the forefront of what’s happening in the future of work and living. We’ve seen great expansion in coworking over the past few years and the next evolution is to explore coliving – getting people together in one place and seeing what can be created from this.

Check out the Shareable piece published today by the host and organiser, Chelsea Rustrum. The group has been selected with not only the team dynamics and context in mind but also a few mental filters such as:

  • Purposeful entrepreneur: Want to have a positive impact on the world
  • Community minded: Understand, value and welcome collaboration and contribution
  • Good hearted: Open and able to listen, respond, and give back to others
  • Highly skilled: Legendary skills and interests that will help the group

Chelsea’s also said:

The group will also be challenged to think about and discuss how we want to design the future of work. When more homes are swapped or shared, possessions carry less meaning and the majority of Americans [although there are a few Australians attending too] can work from anywhere. What does that scenario look like and how do we build a community for that?

Some days I do wonder if we’ll look back on this time in years to come and think of it as the digital hippies slash pioneers era!

One of things that’ll be useful about the experience is the accountability we’ll have throughout. We’ll have to report on our goals and progress throughout the program.

Stay tuned for some updates from the ground next month…

4 thoughts on “Startup Abroad and the coliving, cohacking, coworking quest

  1. Sounds and looks great. We’ve heard lots of good things about these programmes. No better place than Bali to spend two weeks building and collaborating.

  2. What an idea for a niche destination tourism company! Hanging out with ambitious entrepreneurs in inspiring places around the world.

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