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I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the quality of posts we’ve got happening on The Fetch blog at the moment. Our city curators and wider ambassador team are doing such amazing things. We’ve had inspirational people from communities all over the globe, tell their story genuinely with well-rounded depth. I wanted to highlight a few here, and I don’t mean to link dump here and say blah blah, yeah check it out. These are definitely worth your time! And please pass ’em on if you found them moving or informative. If you know of anyone we must chat to or an event we should cover, suggest them directly to us here. Thanks and enjoy!

Interviews in order of most recent published:

Other cool recent posts:

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  1. Kate – love the way you distill down your work to make it easy for us busy folk to catch everything. It is appreciated (as is the content!)

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