Trying out a new format here today with a very low-value production video blog. To kick things off, I discuss the concept of a Media Consumption Pyramid modelled on the food diet pyramid popularised by the United States Department of Agriculture.

It’s a minute and half, so check it out and let me know how you’re regulating your content diet.

Cue the “You’ve got a face for Twitter” style comments. ;)

4 thoughts on “Video blog: The Media Consumption Pyramid

  1. My media consumption diet is quite bad, using this analogy… lots of tweets, not many books (at all) – don’t tell my personal trainer!

    As always, a thought provoking and interesting post. I quite enjoyed the video format by the way, always good to mix it up every now and then with the visual and the text.

  2. Kate, I came across a “companion idea” in Tim Ferris’ book The 4 Hour Work Week which is the “information diet.” Tim suggests experimenting with dramatic cuts to your media consumption habits, starting with simple things like “don’t check your email before midday,” and moving up to greater degrees of info-dieting and connecting with the wider world. Haven’t really set it in to motion myself (excepting holiday adventures) but it sounds useful for the kind of adjustments you suggest.

  3. I think the comparison is a great incentive to stop and reflect about our personal media consumption habits, but I’m not sure I agree on your media classifications :)
    My primary thinking behind this is: why should consumption of short-forms be limited? I probably spend more time each week on short form media rather than long form, and for me it provides new and invaluable information – most importantly from a variety of perspectives, which is something not so easily achieved in long form. (Although long form has the advantages of depth and, usually, authority.) Perhaps blogs and articles are the happy medium between the two?
    I suppose I see media consumption more as a plank than a pyramid… Unless information and creative content is at the bottom of the pyramid (regardless of form) and things like LOLcats are at the top ;)

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