EDIT: I’m running another workshop on Tuesday 7 February!

I’ve got a backlog of posts to come including a new Startups to Watch list, some thoughts on location transience and more info on my new project but for now, I wanted to share a workshop happening later this month.

After a whirlwind few years of managing social media communities in the publishing (or ‘audiences’ as the industry can’t stop referring to it) and travel arenas, I’m keen to share my learnings. Especially since the title seems to be popping up a lot of late. I particularly want to discuss the findings from my Grand Tour this year and what’s happening in the innovation and startup clusters of major cities from a community standpoint. The workshop will run for three hours and will cover changes in social media and online communities in recent times and what leading brands, especially in the startup and small business arenas (such as Airbnb and Instagram), are doing well. The full info is included below. Check it out.

In a collaborative setting, you’ll discuss:
  • What community managers are tasked with day-to-day
  • What role do community managers play in marketing and broader business goals
  • What skillsets do community managers need to have and develop
  • How to manage the blurring lines between personal and professional
  • How community management is moving beyond the days of forum moderation
  • Techniques for switching off (a rarity for CMs!)
  • Short- and long-term community engagement
  • The importance of vision, agility and getting things done
  • The role of offline in growing online
  • A case study about growing a community from scratch
  • Who are the community managers in Australia
  • Resources and networks for community managers
  • Who is hiring in Australia
  • Opportunities for consulting- and freelance-based work
  • What are renumeration expectations in client-side and agency settings

Who should attend:

  • Professional community managers and social media peeps looking to further their knowledge and awareness
  • Individuals interested in working in community management and social media
  • Individuals keen on building the local community management community (double c’ whammy!)
  • Entrepreneurs keen on exploring how to build community around their brand or product
  • Learning geeks who couldn’t think of anything more fun to do on a Monday night

This event will first run face-to-face in Melbourne’s CBD (venue TBC) with the chance to take it to Sydney in early 2012.

The attendee fee basically covers the cost of the venue and putting the content together. I was thinking we could get dinner or drinks afterwards if people aren’t too tired!

Sound interesting/applicable? Book over at Eventbrite!


Thanks and hope you can make it!