In celebration of the annual Community Manager Appreciation Day coming up on 23 January and after a pretty amazing sell-out 30-person event last November, I’m going to be running another workshop to discuss current happenings in community management. I’m off to San Francisco on the 9 February again so am hoping Tuesday 7 February date suits people!

I really enjoyed the discussion we had on the night so thanks to those who came to the first workshop and yes, an email will be coming your way shortly with some follow-up material! It was also great to get a feel of the level and background of the audience. Most of the people in the room were senior full-time social media and community managers working across a mix of government, non-profit, retail, academia, enterprise, startups and small biz. Nadia from ElliotOwl did a write-up of the event, which you can check out here. There’s also some lovely feedback below, which might help convince you to come hang with me at the next event. :)

The workshop’s agenda can be viewed here and will cover both strategical big-picture stuff and detail-oriented tools and tips. I also include some of the research I did in my master’s thesis so there’s deep insights, stats and charts involved too.

To RSVP and book your ticket, please head over to Eventbrite:

Thanks and hope you can make it!


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